Episode 17: Do Not Listen to this Episode


Ben and Chris talk about the life and times of Marquis de Sade, the namesake of the word ‘sadism.’ Who was he? What did he do? What did he write? Is he a monster, a philosopher or both?

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual Assault, Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual), Child abuse/pedophilia, Animal cruelty or animal death, Excessive or gratuitous violence, Description of pornography (including child pornography), Incest (including any and all elements of romantic or sexual relationships between family, tonal in theme, thought, or activity), Kidnapping (forceful deprivation of/disregard for personal autonomy), Death or dying, Pregnancy/Childbirth, Miscarriages/Abortion, Mental illness.

So if the above list is any indication, you should probably skip this episode.


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Episode 9: The Many Adventures of Daniel the Bard

This week Chris and Ben talk about and play D&D. Witness one of the adventures of Daniel the Bard…

Daniel’s Character Sheet

Daniel’s Spells


Mage Hand



Dancing Lights


Summon Instrument





Silent Image

Memory Lapse




Urban Step

Pilfering Hand



Episode 7: Reboots



In this episode Chris and Ben talk about the art of telling an old story for a new audience, what makes a good reboot, what makes a bad reboot and what we can learn from the differences between old and new. Also Chris tried to bait Ben into ranting about Batman.

Evolution: the Beginning 

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